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31 December 2035 @ 08:57 pm

You can call me Dina

好きなこと :

  • EXILE TRIBE maybe a few LDH talent lol

  • NEWS

  • 山下智久 <- always

  • Handsome Team from Amuse

  • The Avangers (?) / Chris Evans Hell yeah !!

  • ちはやふる

  • 山崎賢人

  • 真剣佑 (Mackenyu)

  • etc..

As usual, please introduce yourselves here, so we can know each other ^^

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Lots of love,

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ima wa: La la land
kimochi: artisticartistic
uta wo: Hoshi wo Mezashite
Sorry.. for late late post !!

Nagoya [2017.02.10-12]
Osaka [2017.02.17-19]
Fukuoka [2017.02.24-26]

check it out here !

13 May 2017 @ 05:28 pm

When Kenchan got previlege to be a Producer for only one episode XD

And I randomly upload this because I really miss my Sandaime xDD

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enjoy ~


Hahaa.. after 4 episodes, I decided to writte about this dorama.
First of all I'm glad that Yamashita Tomohisa got drama again this season, (and will be another one in Akidora again in Code Blue 3 hehe).

Shuuji to Akira back in action ?! That's what thought when they announced this project. Really excited about this somehow haha.

But, after I watched the dorama, omg.. this is moved me ! haha

So ridiculous at the first episode xD what ?
What is special from you until God come to help you find your Unmei na hito ?? damn. me want it too xDD or can I just date with the kind of God ? #KICKED

But, in epi 4.. omg~ ドキドキしました。
Gue baper ! xDD

Wish I have time to makes some gifs ! huhuhu :(
(maybe next time I'll update with gifs) xDD

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Is it true that Sandaime is on hiatus term now?
well, I know that they break from Metropoliz live tour until August 26 or something, but I don't know that they hiatus from any activity as a group :(

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enjoy your weekend.

Ja. Dina desu !

Track list :

01. 太陽も月も
02. Togetherness
03. PIERROT (English Version)

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07 April 2017 @ 12:15 pm

how are you guys ?
Hope I find you in very well ya~

I just stop by here just a minute just to tell the world how I happy I was yesterday.. when I saw this post.

Mackenyu just confirmed that Chihayafuru Part 3 is filming now !

aaakkkkk~~ When I'm sitting in silence, waiting about the manga's update (because author said he'll be hiatus from November to ....... )
and suddenly this very good news coming from ARATA itself !

Cant wait cant wait !
I need to see Arata play Karuta more ! because in last movie Arata was in his gloomy era .. (ok, what am I talking about?)

ok, need to back MIA now ..


see you around .. soon ! :*
24 February 2017 @ 11:14 am


how are you, girls? hehe

I just wanna tell you, that I'll be Hiatus, for some time, because I need to focus on my new Job.

Yeay~ Finally i got new better job.

I still online in LJ but maybe, i'll take a break to share all about fandom. So don't mind to contact me here or my others SNS.

See you around !!

I'll be back !

and oh..

for last "gift" before hiatus, here you go~ NEO TOKYO Mini album for Crazy Boy a.k.a ELLY

Track List :

3. CLAPTIME  (feat. Anarchy, Verbal)
4. OZ MONSTER (feat OMI)

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So long.. bubye~~



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Hmm... My copied.. Born in The EXILE arrived ..

Should I share it or not ?

if someone already upload, then i won't upload again..

so tell me :)